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PHP & Software ParkPlusMC 1.6

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Original resource URL: https://polymart.org/resource/parkplusmc.2317

A managed solution for your ThemePark server!

This package includes hosting! Hosting is lifetime (1).


Which functionalities does ParkPlusMC have?
It is a package that contains multiple features.
  • The plugin: The package contains a plugin that connects to your panel. With just one simple command it's connected to the panel.
  • The panel: A panel hosted by us. You pay us one-time, and we will host your panel! You can easily manage all the settings from your panel. Users can create an account, see all your rides (with easy teleportation), and even control them from the panel!
How do I install ParkPlusMC?

  1. Put the .jar in your plugins folder.
  2. Restart your server.
  3. Follow the instructions on our wiki to connect your plugin to your panel.
Commands and permissions:

Found out more about ParkPlusMC on our wiki.
Tutorials (NL/BE):


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