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VIP Plugins PvPManager 3.33.2

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pvpmanager.10610/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Languages Supported:Multiple languages are included and customizable
PvPManager is an all in one PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use one.

One of its main features is to stop combat log and it was designed to be as efficient as possible which is great for large servers. All the features can be enabled/disabled according to your liking and the entire plugin can be disabled in specific worlds.

It's not bloated, no need for a ton of addons/expansions each with their own config or overcomplicated menus.
Everything is ready out of the box in a single jar, can be customized in one config with very detailed descriptions and fully supports being reloaded.

Supports Spigot / Paper(and forks) / Folia(experimental)

If you have an issue or need support please create a ticket for easier tracking.
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  • Tag System! (Stop combat log and more)
    • Actionbar and Bossbar display
    • When you enter PvP your nametag will change color/prefix/suffix
    • Has an option to get tagged by any damage (PvE)
    • Define how long players will be tagged!
    • The message will display the person you tagged/tagged you.
    • You can check time left with /pvptag
    • Can block enderpearl usage while tagged
    • Can block placing blocks while tagged
    • Possible to whitelist/blacklist commands and subcommands while tagged
  • Disable Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility/GodMode on combat!
    • Completely configurable
    • Disables Godmode from Essentials or CommandBook
  • Toggle PvP per player easily!
    • Protects you from any kind of PvP including splash potions
    • Blocks lava/fire placing near players!
    • Protects from TNT explosions!
    • Protects from endercrystal/bed/respawn anchor explosions!
    • Optionally switch your nametag color according to PvP status!
    • Execute custom commands on PvP Toggle and specify a cooldown!
  • Prevent Combat Log with various punishments!
    • Drop inventory, armor or exp separately
    • Apply a money penalty or kill the player!
    • Broadcasts and logs to a file when someone pvp logs!
  • Spawn a NPC on Combat Log! (Supports 1.8.8+)
    • Option to make the NPC spawn on ALL logouts
    • Option to make the npc not get targeted by mobs
    • Option to not spawn NPC inside WorldGuard regions.
    • The NPC will appear using the same equipment as the player!
    • The NPC will have the player's skin!
    • If the NPC dies so does the player when he logs back in!
    • If the NPC drops items the player will also lose them!
    • You can control if the NPC will drop only armor, inventory or exp!
    • Despawns after specified time, I recommend to use the option to block player login while it's spawned
  • Automatic Respawn![ (Supports 1.8.8+)
    • Just as the name suggests, no need to click the respawn button!
    • Actually lets the player die before respawn, not a fake respawn
    • In Minecraft 1.15+ this just enables gamerules automatically for you
  • Control player's drops on death!
    • ALWAYS mode - PvPManager does nothing with the drops
    • DROP mode - Players only drop items when killed in PvP
    • KEEP mode - Players only drop items when killed in PvE
    • TRANSFER mode - Same as DROP but items are transferred to the killer!
  • Newbie Protection!
    • New players are PvP protected(Or PvE if enabled in config).
    • Can block them from picking up items while protected!
    • Define for how long they will be protected
  • Anti Border Hopping!
    • Players can be attacked inside safezones while tagged by other tagged players!
    • Pushback player when he tries to enter a WorldGuard region while tagged
    • First option supports all zones including WorldGuard, Factions(UUID) and GriefPrevention, pushback only supports WorldGuard for now
  • Anti Kill Abuse!
    • Killing the same player several times over a period of time will trigger custom commands.
    • Those commands are up to you. Kick, ban, warn etc
    • Teleport protection to stop players creating tp traps
    • Command cooldown after dying in PvP to stop player abuse
  • Respawn Protection
    • Stop spawn killing by adding some seconds of protection on respawn
  • Custom Commands on Kill
    • Execute a custom command on each kill
    • You could give the killer a speed boost or some special item!
  • Money Rewards/Penalties!
    • Reward money to the killer
    • Take money from the killed player
    • Supports percentages so the player could lose 5% of his money as an example!
Supported Plugins
  • CMI
  • Essentials
    • Disabling godmode during combat
  • WorldGuard
    • Pushback on regions and auto enable PvP on regions with PvP allow
    • Support for both WorldGuard 6 and 7
  • Vault
    • Apply fines and give money rewards
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • Lands
    • Pushback when entering safezone lands
    • No PvP protection while in a war
  • TAB
    • Change player prefix and name while tagged
  • Factions3
  • SaberFactions
  • FactionsUUID
  • mcMMO
  • SimpleClans
  • UltimateClans
    • Prevent attacks between friendly players while tagged
  • LibsDisguises
    • Disabling player disguises during combat
  • BountyHunters
    • No PvP protection while having a bounty
  • Cooldownsx
/pvp [on/off] -
Toggle PvP
/pvp [player] [on/off] - Toggle PvP for other player
/pvpgrant <player> <minutes> - Grant PvP protection for x minutes, continues after relogs/restarts
/pvpungrant <player> - Remove granted protection
/pvplist - Shows all players and their PvP state
/pvpinfo [player] - Shows info about you or other player
/pvpstatus [player] - Check yours or other player's PvP status
/pvpo - Enables override and allows player to attack everywhere
/pmr - Shows PvPManager help page
/pmr reload - Reloads PvPManager
/pmr convert [sqlite/mysql] - Convert database between SQLite and MySQL
/pmr cleanup <days> - Cleanup inactive users from database
/pmr locale [language] - Quickly change your language file
/newbie [disable] - Check time left as newbie or disable protection
/pvptag [player] - Shows time left until out of combat or tags player
/untag [player] - Untags a player
/announce - Broadcast a message to everyone with color code support!
/soup - Refill all your empty bowls
/pvpglobal <on|off> - Toggle PvP for the whole server

By default, players won't have access to any command like /pvp, so there is no need to setup permissions unless you want to allow them to use commands or exempt them from certain features.

There are some special permissions like being immune from getting tagged and not getting your fly, gamemode, etc disabled.
You can see all the permissions here: Permissions

Nametag limitations
Some plugins such as NametagEdit or other plugins that use packets to change nametags might interfere with PvPManager. At worst, this would just stop the player nametag prefix and glow color to display while in combat, every other feature like tagging still works correctly.
Excluding those above, PvPManager is 100% compatible with any plugin that uses the proper API methods to change nametag prefixes and colors.

Configuration File
Code (YAML):

# +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ #
# < PvPManager Premium Configuration File > #
# <--------------------------------------------------------------------------> #
# < If you have any questions please go to > #
# < https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pvpmanager.10610 > #
# < or Discord https://discord.gg/QFTjs3g > #
# +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ #

# Player instantly respawns after death! (Only version 1.8.8+)
Auto Respawn: true

# Locale -> Changes messages language, options are - EN | BG | DE | ES | FR | IT | PL | pt_BR | RU | zh_TW | ZH
# Default PvP -> Leave it at true unless you want no PvP for new players
# Extra Protection -> Prevent players from placing lava or fire near pvp disabled players
# PvP Blood -> Enable blood particles on PvP
# Player Drop Mode -> What happens to a player's drops and exp on death
# The options are 'ALWAYS' - (PvPManager does nothing, so feature is disabled),
# mode 'DROP' - (Players drop items when killed in PvP but not in PvE),
# mode 'KEEP' - (Players keep items when killed in PvP but not in PvE) and
# mode 'TRANSFER' - (Same as 'DROP' but transfer items(not exp) directly to killer's inventory without drops)
# mode 'CLEAR' - (Clear all drops and exp on death, this deletes everything on death so make sure it is what you want)
# Ignore No Damage Hits -> Ignore hits from snowballs, eggs, fishing rod and others
# Auto Soup Health -> How much health does soup heal, use 0 to disable
# Bowl Disappear -> Should empty bowls just be deleted
# World Exclusions -> List of worlds where PvPManager will have no effect
Locale: EN
Default PvP: true
Extra Protection: true
PvP Blood: true
Player Drop Mode: ALWAYS
Ignore No Damage Hits: false
Auto Soup:
Health: 0
Bowl Disappear: false
World Exclusions:
- 'example'

# Here you can choose which methods to use to stop 'border hopping' while players are tagged
# Border hopping is when a player gets in PvP and tries to run into a safe zone to escape
# Vulnerable -> Makes players still vulnerable to PvP in safe zones
# Push Back -> Players will be launched back when trying to enter a safe zone (Disabling this might improve performance)
# The pushback feature currently supports regions from WorldGuard and Lands
# Force -> How much force for the pushback (Minimum 0.1 and Maximum 4)
# Block EnderPearl -> Block attempts to enter a safe zone with enderpearls while tagged
# Reset Combat Tag -> Only meant for when Vulnerable is true. Toggles whether combat tagging resets while fighting in a safe zone. Works for WorldGuard Only
# WorldGuard Exclusions -> Name of regions where vulnerable will have no effect
Anti Border Hopping:
Vulnerable: true
Push Back:
Enabled: true
Force: 1.1
Block EnderPearl: true
Reset Combat Tag: true
WorldGuard Exclusions:
- 'example'

# What should be disabled when a player(except operators) enters PvP
# Fly -> Disable any kind of fly mode
# GameMode -> Anything not Survival gets disabled
# Disguise -> Disguises from LibsDisguises
# GodMode -> GodMode from Essentials or CommandBook
# Invisibility -> Invisibility potions, defaults to false as it's a vanilla feature
Fly: true
GameMode: true
Disguise: true
GodMode: true
Remove from Attacker: false
Remove from Defender: false

# Section about the tag system
# PvE Tag -> If damage from or to monsters and animals should tag the player
# Only Hostile -> If true, only monsters will tag the player, otherwise all animals will tag the player
# Any Damage -> If anything else that can damage a player like lava, falling, etc should tag them
# Time -> How long should the tag last in seconds
# NameTag Prefix -> Choose the player's nametag prefix while tagged, '&c' would just color his name red
# while 'none' or empty quotes '' will disable this feature completely
# Glowing -> For 1.9+ only, sets the player glowing while tagged
# Self Tag -> Allow players to tag themselves with a bow
# Untag Enemy -> When the player kills the enemy he was fighting he gets untagged
# Block -> Section is self-explanatory, what to block in combat
# Command whitelist is recursive, allowing 'tell' will allow 'tell' with any number of arguments
# Commands On Tag -> Commands executed as the player when tagged, this allows for huge customization
# WorldGuard Exclusions -> Name of regions where players will not get tagged
# Punish On Kick -> Punish the player even if he gets kicked by other plugin while tagged
# Money Penalty -> Money lost on combat log, use less or equal to 1 for percentage like 0.05 for 5%, 1 for 100% (0 to disable)
# Log To File -> Logs all combat loggers to a file that you can read later
# Money Penalty -> Money lost on combat log, use less than 1 for percentage like 0.05 for 5% (0 to disable)
# Kill on Logout -> Setting this to true will do nothing if NPCs are enabled
# Spawn NPC -> Will spawn an NPC with the player's items which will drop as a normal player would
# NPC Name -> Leave empty to use player name or write a name for all NPCs like 'Logger' Max length is 16 characters
# NPC Despawn Time -> Time until NPC automatically despawns
# Block Login -> Block player from logging in while their NPC is spawned
# Spawn On All Logouts -> Spawns an NPC on every player logout even if not in combat
# No Spawn In WorldGuard -> If enabled, NPC won't be spawned in regions with pvp deny
# Drops On Death - Controls what will drop when a player that PvP Logged or his NPC are killed
# Commands On PvPLog -> List of commands to execute on combat log, use '%p' for player name
# And use the 'announce' command to broadcast, to disable just delete the command
Tagged In Combat:
Enabled: true
PvE Tag:
Enabled: false
Only Hostile: true
Any Damage: false
PvE Damage: false
Any Damage: false
Time: 10
NameTag Prefix: '&4&lCombat &c'
# Only when using the TAB plugin
NameTag Suffix: ''
Glowing: true
# Symbol to use for the bar and how many times to repeat it. Other symbols ▊,▮,▯,|
Action Bar:
# You can use any PlaceholderAPI placeholders here. Leave message empty to disable
Message: '&b&lCombat &a<barsLeft>&c<barsPassed> &e&l<time> &b[sec]'
Symbol: '▊'
Total Bars: 20
Boss Bar:
Enabled: true
Message: '&8&l[&c&lIn Combat&8&l] &e&l<time> seconds'
# See here for bar color options - https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/boss/BarColor.html
BarColor: RED
# See here for bar style options - https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/boss/BarStyle.html
BarStyle: SOLID
Self Tag: false
Untag Enemy: false
EnderPearl Cooldown: 15
EnderPearls: true
ChorusFruits: true
Teleport: true
Place Blocks: false
Interact: false
Elytra: false
Riptide: true
Eat: false
Enabled: true
Whitelist: true
Command List:
- 'tell'
- 'tag'
Commands On Tag:
- '!CONSOLE examplecommand'
- '!PLAYER examplecommand'
Commands On Untag:
- '!CONSOLE examplecommand'
- '!PLAYER examplecommand'
WorldGuard Exclusions:
- 'example'
Punish On Kick:
Enabled: true
# If Match Kick Reason is enabled, the punishment will be applied only if the kick reason matches the list below
Match Kick Reason: false
Kick Reasons:
- 'Kicked for spamming'
- 'disconnect.spam'
Money Penalty: 0
Log To File: true
Kill on Logout: true
Spawn NPC:
Enabled: true
NPC Name: ''
NPC Despawn Time: 30
Block Login: true
Targetable By Mobs: true
Spawn On All Logouts: false
WorldGuard Exclusions:
- 'example'
Drops On Death:
Inventory: true
Experience: true
Armor: true
Commands On PvPLog:
- 'announce &6[&8PvPManager&6]&c %p tried to escape combat and died!'

# Should new players on your server be protected from PvP (If they want to PvP they can use /newbie disable)
Newbie Protection:
Enabled: true
# How many minutes should newbie protection last, persists through restarts
Time(minutes): 5
# If players should be allowed to remove their protection with /newbie disable
Allow Player Disable: true
# Block players from picking up items while they have protection
Block Pick Items: false
# Protect newbies from all types of damage including PvE
Protect From Everything: false
Command Blacklist:
- 'examplecommand'

# Prevent player abuse by killing the same player several times to rise in rank or even just grief
# Example - If a player X kills player Y more than 5 times, it executes the commands defined(kick, jail, etc)
# In this case, it would check every 60 seconds for abusers
# Respawn Protection - After respawn, how many seconds should players be protected (0 to disable)
# Teleport Protection - After teleport, how many seconds should players be protected from all damage (0 to disable)
# WorldGuard Exclusions -> Name of regions where players will not get punished by kill abuse
# Command Cooldown After Death - After a player dies ONLY in PvP, they will have to wait x seconds before being able to use
# the commands under 'Commands'. This can prevent abuse like instantly going back and steal the drops or kill the player
# Set Time to 0 if you want to disable this cooldown
Kill Abuse:
Enabled: true
Max Kills: 5
Time Limit: 60
Commands on Abuse:
- 'kick <player> Kill Abuse Is Not Allowed!'
Respawn Protection: 3
Teleport Protection: 0
WorldGuard Exclusions:
- 'example'
Command Cooldown After Death:
Time: 3
- 'back'

# Section with settings triggered when a player kills another player
# Money Reward - Money won as reward, use less or equal to 1 for percentage like 0.05 for 5%, 1 for 100% (0 to disable)
# Money Penalty - Money lost on PvP death, use less or equal to 1 for percentage like 0.1 for 10%, 1 for 100% (0 to disable)
# Money Steal - Should the amount won from money reward be stolen from the dead player
# Lightning - Strike lightning when a player dies in PvP, the lightning doesn't make any damage to other players
# Commands On Kill - Commands to execute on kill (<player> is the killer, <victim> is the victim)
# Extra Drops - List of items (amount,Material) to drop from a dead player (Like loot drops from monsters)
# For example 1,DIAMOND would drop 1 diamond on death
# WorldGuard Exclusions - WorldGuard regions where rewards, penalties and commands will not be executed
Player Kills:
Money Reward: 0
Money Penalty: 0
Money Steal: false
Death Effects:
Lightning: false
Commands On Kill:
- 'examplecommand <player> killed <victim>'
WorldGuard Exclusions:
- 'exampleregion'
Extra Drops: []

# Section for PvP Toggle command - /pvp
# Players can't use the command unless they have permission
# Cooldown - How many seconds until players can use the command again
# State Cooldown - You have to wait x seconds to actually toggle PvP, to prevent abuses. This can be seen in games like GTA V
# NameTags - What should the player's prefix be when pvp is on/off
# You can write 'none' to disable one of the nametags, or set 'Enabled' to false to disable both
# Commands -> Command list to execute on PvP toggle, use '%p' for player name
# Force On Change World -> Force player PvP to default when changing world, useful if there are worlds
# where players don't have permission to use /pvp
# WorldGuard Overrides -> PvP Toggle is forcibly enabled on an attack in all regions with WG's pvp flag set to allow
# WorldGuard overrides region list -> PvP Toggle is forcibly enabled on an attack in the listed regions, regardless of the WG's pvp flag
PvP Toggle:
Cooldown: 15
State Cooldown:
Enabled: false
Time: 30
Enabled: false
Prefix On: '&1'
Prefix Off: '&2'
# This setting runs every hour and applies a money fee to every player with PvP disabled, it's a very simplified system
# so it doesn't track how long PvP has been off for that player. Leave as 0 to disable
PvP Disabled Money Fee: 0
Force On Change World: false
Commands PvP On:
- 'examplecommand %p turned pvp on'
Commands PvP Off:
- 'examplecommand %p turned pvp off'
WorldGuard Overrides: true
WorldGuard Overrides Region List:
- 'example'

# Section to configure interactions with other plugins
Plugin Hooks:
# Disable PvP protection if the player has a bounty on themselves
No Protection With Bounty: true
# Disable PvP protection if the player is in a Lands war
No Protection In War: true
# Disable PvP protection if the players are in a SimpleClans war
No Protection In War: true
# Change this into the cooldown id for enderpearls in CooldownsX, by default they have it as exampleOne in cooldowns.yml
# If setup correctly PvPManager will use a different cooldown while in combat and then revert back to CooldownsX
Enderpearl: exampleOne
# This only works if you have the TAB plugin, disabling both options will make PvPManager use normal scoreboard teams
# Show combat prefix/suffix in the playerlist (tab)
Show In Tab: true
# Show combat prefix/suffix above the player's head
Show Above Player: true
# This requires a custom version of ajQueue made by me, prevents combat loggers from getting punished if in queue
# List of destination servers that won't cause the player to be punished on combat log
- lobby

# Database type, supported databases: SQLite or MySQL
Type: SQLite
# Only fill this section if using MySQL
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: '12345'
Database: minecraft

# Should PvPManager be allowed to check for updates and tell you about them
Update Check:
Enabled: true

# Informs PvPManager if the config is updated, do not touch it unless you want to reset the config
Config Version: ${config.version}

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  • What are the differences between this and the free version?
    • There are several differences including internal ones, i would say the most important are spawning NPCs, automatic respawn, better PvP protections and better plugin compatibility, which as usual can be toggled.
    • There are also new commands, config options, more plugin hooks and general tweaks.
    • Additionally, despite having more features there is a bigger effort in getting better performance which is also enhanced by the code obfuscation/optimization.
  • When players have PvP disabled they can still get attacked by XXX enchant from YYY plugin
    • The odds are this is an issue with the enchant plugin, PvPManager cancels the entity damage event, enchant plugins should call a damage event and check for that before applying their damages.
  • I want to hook into PvPManager, do you have an API?
    • Yes, if you are an external developer you can grab the latest jar from here and use it as an API, make sure to only use the classes PvPManager and PvPlayer as they are the only ones deobfuscated in the premium jar. Otherwise if you purchased the plugin just use the premium jar as you would with any plugin.
    • For more details check the Wiki for developers
  • Does PvPManager support PlaceholderAPI?
    • Yes, it does! You can find all the placeholders here
  • Where do I report bugs/suggest new features?
    • Create a new issue here: Issues
    • Join the discord and create a ticket: Discord
    • Please don't use reviews to report bugs, first try reporting the issue and allow me time to see it.
    • When getting support please use the account that purchased the plugin or indicate the nickname of the buyer
    • Also, keep in mind the plugin automatically reports any errors so they can be quickly solved. This only occurs when they are specifically PvPManager errors and it might not catch all, so any bug report is still appreciated.


If you want a free alternative and/or don't make a profit of your server, there is also PvPManager Lite which has less features but is the base of this version:
- PvPManager Lite
Other free plugins:
- AncientGates Regular and bungee portals
- PlayerWeight Player slows down according to their inventory fullness (Very outdated)


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