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✨ RandomEvents 1.8 - 1.19 ✨ Perfect Minigame Addon

VIP Plugins ✨ RandomEvents 1.8 - 1.19 ✨ Perfect Minigame Addon v2.9.4.1

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%9C%A8-randomevents-1-8-1-19-%E2%9C%A8-perfect-minigame-addon.80856/

Native Minecraft Version:Legacy (< 1.13)Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Languages Supported:MultilanguageDonation Link:https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/adri1711Dev

Remember to install Lib1711 as the main dependency

What is RandomEvents? RandomEvents is a plugin that spawns random minigames for all players to enter just clicking in the alert of the chat, easy, funny and rewarded!

Minigame List

[Battle Royale]
[Team Battle Royale]
[Knights Battle]
[Top Killer]
[Team Top Killer]
[Knockback Duel]
[Arrow Rain]
[Gem Crawler]
[TNT Run]
[TNT Tag]
[Boat Run]
[Horse Run]
[Run from the Beast]
[One in the Chamber]
[Survival Games]
[Team Survival Games]
[Team Skywars]
[Water drop]
[Fish Slap]
[Hoe hoe hoe]
[Block Party]
[Hide & Seek]
[Glass Walk]

How to join a RandomEvent? Just by clicking on the alert that is thrown when a random event is live!

*See the video in the media section!*



Spoiler: Features
Spoiler: Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
Spoiler: Config
Spoiler: Developers API


There are several minigames you can configure and more are coming soon.

Here are a list of things you can configure with each minigame!

Battle Royale and Team Battle Royale:

A fierce battle where just 1 player or team can remain alive.

Top Killer and Team Top Killer:

Only the most powerful assasin can win this event, kill players to get points, the player with more points will get the rewards after <X> time of match.

Knight Battle:

A type of battle royale accompanied by your faithful horse. Be the last to stand to get the reward.

Knockback Duel / SUMO:

A battle where your attack power does not matter, you will have to make an strategy to get the enemies thrown away from the arena to get them killed! Be the last one who stands!

TNT Tag:

Run with the bomb and hit enemies to give it to them and avoid your own death. Each <X> time the bomb will explode and will get the player that had it and everyone near him dead.

Gem Carrier:

Random gems will spawn in the arena. Try to get all of them until you reach 10 gems or steal it from the enemies that has them. Stand 10 seconds more carrying your 10 gems and you will get your hands on the reward!

Boat Race:

Be the fastest sailor and reach the finish line before your pursuers!

Arrow Rain:

Avoid the arrows coming from the sky if you dont want to lose your head!


Run and be the first to reach the goal to get your reward!

Run from the beast

The classic Run from the beast minigame! Beat the beast by completing all the scenario and get enough equipment to make damage to the beast!


Run for your life, the tnt behind you will disappear, try to stay over them to win the match!


Make the other players fall by breaking the blocks on their feets, be the one to stay safe to win the reward!


Another type of Spleef but this time use your pistol to throw eggs that will break the floor!

One in the chamber

Game that arrows are letal, hit your enemies to get points and if you get out of arrows... Good luck!

Horse Run

Ride your horse and be the first to reach the goal to get your reward!

Skywars and Team Skywars

Fall in your island and search for your look to claim your victory!

Survival Games and Team Survival Games (Hunger Games)

Arm yourself to fight the enemies and get your reward!

Anvil Spleef

Avoid being smashed by anvils while looking at the floor disappearing because of them!

Water Drop

Multi Stage water drop. Be the first to handle all the maps and become the winner!


The classic game Quakecraft where you will have to kill your enemies with your gun to be the winner


Team paintball, kill your enemies with your snowballs!


Be the one to reach the hill and dominate it as much time as you can to get the reward!

Fish Slap

Stay more time on the platform that your enemies to claim the win!

Hoe hoe hoe

Paint minigame, claim as much territory as you can and close your enemies to avoid them to expand


Paint all you can, get the floor and walls all painted to your color to be the winner!


Avoid the bombs coming for you, be the last one standing and claim the reward!

Block Party

Dance and search the colors you get to avoid falling to the void!

Hide & Seeek

Hide from the seeker or become a Seeker to kill all the hiders!

Glass Walk

Inspired on Squid Game series, glass walk minigame!

The creation of the arenas for the minigames are interactives and chat based, after the creation of the arena a JSON file is created. Thats an example:
Spoiler: Example of Arena JSON


You can use /revent and /randomevents aliases.

  • /revent : Shows the commands help menu.
  • /revent stats : Shows the GUI for the stats
  • /revent join <password> : Thats not a command you will use manually. it will be done when you click the alert of the chat. The alert has the password associated to the random event.
  • /revent spec: Command to spectate match
  • /revent tjoin <password> : The same as join but for tournaments
  • /revent leave : Use it to leave the random event when you are on the lobby or spectator mode.
  • /revent tleave : The same but for tournaments
  • /revent stats: Shows the stats
  • /revent stats <player>: Shows the stats of a player
  • /revent forcestop: Force the stop of the minigame.
  • /revent spawnset: Set the spawn where the players will return after the event ends.
  • /revent tspawnset: Set the spawn where the players go when waiting for a tournament
  • /revent schedule <monday:tuesday...> <hour> <minute> : Create a schedule for a random event
  • /revent schedule <monday:tuesday...> <hour> <minute> <idevent>: Create a schedule for a specific random event
  • /revent matches/list: Show all the matches configurated with their ids.
  • /revent begin : Force the beginning of a random event.
  • /revent tbegin : Force the beginning of a tournament random event.
  • /revent begin <id> : Force the beginning of the random event with that id
  • /revent givecredits <player> <amount>: Give a amount of credits to force the beginning of a Random Event.
  • /revent givecredits <event> <player> <amount>: Give a amount of credits to force the beginning of a specific Random Event.
  • /revent credits: See balance of credits you have
  • /revent credits <player>: See credits of a player
  • /revent gui: Open the gui to force a Random Event
  • /revent toggleannouncement: Toggle the announcement of RandomEvent
  • /revent ban <player> <time> : Ban a player from RandomEvents
  • /revent unban <player> : Unban a player from RandomEvents
  • /revent create : Begin the creation of an arena for a random event.
  • /revent delete: Deletes a random event.
  • /revent disable: Disables a random event.
  • /revent enable: Enables a random event.
  • /revent edit <number>: Begin the edition of an arena for a random event.
  • /revent tp <number>: Teleport to the arena of a RandomEvent
  • /revent cancel: Cancel the creation of a random event.
  • /revent resetcredits: Reset credits from database
  • /revent resetcredits <player>: Reset credits from database
  • /revent resettries: Reset tries from database
  • /revent resettries <player>: Reset tries from database
  • /revent resettries <gamecode> <player>: Reset tries from database
  • /revent resettriesgame <gamecode>: Reset tries from database
  • /revent resetwins: Reset winsfrom database
  • /revent resetwins <player>: Reset tries from database
  • /revent resetwins <gamecode> <player>: Reset wins from database
  • /revent resetwinsgame <gamecode>: Reset wins from database
  • /revent reload: Reloads the plugin.

  • randomevent.join : Perm to see the alerts to join the random events
  • randomevent.spec : Perm to spectate events
  • randomevent.leave : Perm to use /revent leave
  • randomevent.stats : Perm to use /revent stats
  • randomevent.tjoin : Perm to see the alerts to join the tournament random events
  • randomevent.tleave : Perm to use /revent tleave
  • randomevent.stats: Perm to use /revent stats
  • randomevent.stats.other: Perm to use /revent stats <player>
  • randomevent.give.credits: Perm to use /revent givecredits...
  • randomevent.announcement.toggle: Perm to use /revent toggleannouncement
  • randomevent.bal.credits: Perm to use /revent bal
  • randomevent.bal.credits.other: Perm to use /revent bal <player>
  • randomevent.gui: Perm to use /revent gui
  • randomevent.gui.cooldown: Perm to use /revent gui and force events without credits with a cooldown
  • randomevent.gui.cooldown.bypass: Perm to use /revent gui and force events without credits or cooldown
  • randomevent.admin.forcestop: Perm to use /revent forcestop
  • randomevent.admin.schedule : Perm to use /revent schedule
  • randomevent.admin.spawnset: Perm to use /revent spawnset
  • randomevent.admin.tspawnset: Perm to use /revent tspawnset
  • randomevent.admin.matches: Perm to use /revent matches
  • randomevent.admin.force: Perm to use /revent begin
  • randomevent.admin.ban: Perm to use /revent ban <player> <time>
  • randomevent.admin.unban: Perm to use /revent unban <player>
  • randomevent.admin.create: Perm to use /revent create
  • randomevent.admin.delete: Perm to use /revent delete
  • randomevent.admin.disable: Perm to use /revent disable
  • randomevent.admin.enable: Perm to use /revent enable
  • randomevent.admin.edit: Perm to use /revent edit <number>
  • randomevent.admin.teleport: Perm to use /revent tp <number>
  • randomevent.admin.cancel: Perm to use /revent cancel
  • randomevent.admin.resetcredits
  • randomevent.admin.resettries
  • randomevent.admin.resetwins
  • randomevent.admin.reload: Perm to use /revent reload


Spoiler: GUI Stats

Spoiler: Maps Included

Servers using it:
  • mc.survivaldub.com (Prision)
  • mc.fusionpvp.org
Spoiler: How to install

Metrics collection
This plugin collects anonymous server statistics through bStats, an open-source Minecraft statistics service.

If you'd like to disable metrics collection via bStats, you can edit the plugins/bStats/config.yml file.


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  1. v2.9.4.1

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