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Referral System by Siropu

xF2 Add-ons Referral System by Siropu 1.0.8

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Original resource URL: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/referral-system-by-siropu.7714/

Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
LicenseEach installation requires a separate license. With each license you purchase you automatically get 10% off for the next license, up to 50%!Updates duration1 Year / 4.99 EUR Renewal (new updates and support)Visible brandingNo
Admin options

Referral URL parameter - Set a custom parameter for referral links.

Track HTTP referrer - Track the address of the page (if any) which referred the user to the referral link.

Use profile page as referral link - The user profile page will become the referral link.

Enable custom referral link generator - Allows your members to generate custom referral links from any pages.

Apply referral link to social media share icon - Social share links will become referral links.

Encrypt user ID - Replaces the user ID in the referral link with a short unique string.

Display referral count - Display the number of referrals on the user profile.

Display referrer username - Display the username of the referrer on the user profile.

Display referrals tab on member profile page - Display a referrals tab where other users can view the members referred.

Enable referral link widget - Toggle on/off a widget that will display the referral link.

Enable top referrers widget - Toggle on/off a widget that will display the top referrers.

Display invitation message to referral - A referred visitor will see a message to encourage the user to register.

Referral registration reward - A reward for each referral registration.

Referral account upgrade reward - A reward for each referral account upgrade.

The rewards work with trophy points or DB Credits add-on.
The reward amount is user group permission based and can also have a limit on how much a referrer can earn.

In ACP > Referral System you can see who referrerd who and the date. You can add or remove referrals.

You can use promo tools like banners and text links.
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