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⚔️ ReviveMe 1.14 - 1.20 | PAPI Support | No Dependencies⭕

Plugins ⚔️ ReviveMe 1.14 - 1.20 | PAPI Support | No Dependencies⭕ 3.9.5

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Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Languages Supported:customizableDonation Link:https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/FavioMc19


What is ReviveMe?
  • It is a plugin that will give second chances when you are about to die!
  • When you are killed you will not die. you will change your status to "Down" and you will be able to move in the world freely but when your time is up you will die
  • Ask a friend to revive you before you die.
  • If you are the enemy you can open his inventory and steal what is necessary, you will not have to take all the junk items from his inv, just select the best ones!
  • You can also revive them by crouching close to them and everything is completely customizable!
How does revive me work?
  • Revive Me cancels the damage that would cause him to die and changes him to the downed state. after that you will have a countdown to die, if you are not revived before the time you will simply die.
    you can simply surrender by holding down "crouch".
    They can also lift you on their head by pressing left click on the injured
How to install it?
  • Drag the jar file into your plugins folder
  • restart server or load plugin with plugman
  • Ready! now just have fun
Depends on other plugins?
  • No. it does not need another plugin to work
  • You can use other plugins compatible with it, for example Citizens. With this plugin you can knock down or revive an NPC.
List of currently supported plugins.
  1. Citizens
  2. CrackShot
  3. PlaceHolderApi
  4. QualityArmory
  5. Vault
  6. WorldGuard
  7. Vulcan
  8. ProjectKorra
  9. SaberFactions
  10. PowerBoard
  11. Scoreboard
  12. PlaceholderAPI
  13. Scoreboard-revision
  14. Factions
  15. BetterTeams
  16. UltraScoreboards
  17. Lands
  18. RealScoreboard
  19. CombatLogX
  20. WorldGuard
  21. PartyGames
  22. Essentials
  23. CMI
  24. SuperVanish
Any other compatibility you need will be added. you just have to ask for it on discord.
Many other plugins do not generate errors with ReviveMe so they are not on this list but they work perfectly

It is also compatible with team vanilla!
You can decide in configuration how absolutely everything should work!

Here are some example images:


ReviveZone example:

(This is a different way to revive the player.)

Spoiler: Video



Spoiler: Config.yml
Spoiler: messages.yml
Spoiler: permissions.yml
Spoiler: downed_interacts.yml
In events.yml they can create "functions" to execute commands or certain actions in some moments of the game.
Here are some examples and I will add much more detail in the future.
If you have some ideas of what else I could add, you can tell me and so it will be

Spoiler: events.yml

Commands and permissions:
Code (Java):
/ReviveMe Help | permission: 'reviveme.command.help' #get a list of all the commands you have access to

/ReviveMe Revive <Player> | permission: 'reviveme.command.revive' #revive an injured player

/ReviveMe Down <Player> | permission: 'reviveme.command.down' #You hurt a player to put him on the floor

/ReviveMe kill <Player> | permission: 'reviveme.command.kill' #kill a player regardless of their status

/Reviveme suicide | permission: 'reviveme.command.suicide' #you commit suicide if you dont want to wait

/ReviveMe reload | permission: 'reviveme.command.reload' #reloads all configurations
Development API and Events
Code (Java):

#Check if the player is injured
Boolean isDowned = ReviveMeAPI.hasDowned(player);

#check if the player is reviving someone
Boolean isReliver = ReviveMeAPI.isReliver(player);

#get injured player by reliver
DownedPlayer downed = ReviveMeAPI.getDownedPlayerByReliver(player);

#get injured player
DownedPlayer downed = ReviveMeAPI.getDownedPlayer(player);

#Revive an injured player

#set down to player

#set down to player
ReviveMeAPI.downPlayer(player, DamageCause.FALL);

#set down to player
ReviveMeAPI.downPlayer(player, player);

#set down to player
ReviveMeAPI.downPlayer(player, DamageCause.ENTITY_ATTACK, player);

public void onPlayerDowned(PlayerDownedEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerDropDowned(PlayerDropDownedEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerPickupDowned(PlayerPickupDownedEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerRelivingDowned(PlayerRelivingEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerRevive(PlayerReviveEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerStartReliving(PlayerStartRelivingEvent event) {
#code this

public void onPlayerStopReliving(PlayerStopRelivingEvent event) {
#code this
PlaceHolderApi list:
  • %reviveme_status%
  • %reviveme_death_delay%
  • %reviveme_invulnerability_delay%
  • %reviveme_bar:<Bar name>% example %reviveme_bar:bar1%
Compatibility With HexColors. examples:
. The use of the resource is for private use.
It is not allowed to upload / publish the resource on other websites.
Any misuse will be reported and removed. IT IS ILLEGAL

Developer API:

If you need anything else you can contact me on discord. Thanks!

SERVER LIST (If you use ReviveMe and you want your IP to be here write me on discord!)
Spoiler: IP


First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. added compatibility with spigot 1.21

    [ + ] Added compatibility with Minecraft 1.21
  2. added item adder compatibility to locket item options

    [ + ] Now it is possible to use items from ItemAdder in the locked steal items section of the...
  3. added new option in downed_interacts.yml

    [ + ] Added a new option to block damage that a downed player can receive when being picked up...

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