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RpChat NTD | 1.12 - 1.19.4 | Head chat ⚡ Scoreboard DM ⚡ Hoverable chat ⚡ RP commands ⚡ Oraxen supp

Plugins RpChat NTD | 1.12 - 1.19.4 | Head chat ⚡ Scoreboard DM ⚡ Hoverable chat ⚡ RP commands ⚡ Oraxen supp 2.7.2

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rpchat-ntd-1-12-1-19-4-head-chat-%E2%9A%A1-scoreboard-dm-%E2%9A%A1-hoverable-chat-%E2%9A%A1-rp-commands-%E2%9A%A1-oraxen-supp.94516/

Native Minecraft Version:1.19Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Contributors:danirod12 aka DenBeKKerLanguages Supported:Any, you can change in config
(If you have any issue, contact me at my discord server)
(You can buy resource using CRYPTO, AliPay, Qiwi, UA/RU bank transfer)


ntdRpChat - New cool chat plugin for Spigot server! Head chat module! Hoverable and clickable messages (Prefix, name, suffix) and more! But let's talk about everything in order...
For best experience install PlaceholderAPI and Vault
By default config contains papi valut placeholders that may be installed from PAPI ecloud

This plugin uses NMS code. So it can be used only on Spigot, Paper (or other Spigot forks with NMS code) cores!
Current plugin version only for 1.12.x - 1.19.4 MC versions!
1.17.0 not supported, 1.17.1 supported
1.19.0 support is unstable, use 1.19.4

very simple. Download plugin and put it into your /plugins folder, then restart/reload server/load plugin using PlugMan or other plugin manager.


  • Chat head module! Chat above head! Without modes or resourcepacks! My plugin wont create lagging armorstands and it wont use HolographicDisplays or something other. Only build feature! ⚡
  • Optional sound on above head message
  • Geyser support
  • Oraxen support
  • ItemsAdder support
  • Scoreboard directmessages! Check VIDEO! Chat with offline player (he will be able to see all messages), typing mode. Your opponent see when you typing and much more!
  • Hoverable and clickable messages for player prefix, player name and player suffix. Look SCREENSHOTS & GIFS category
  • Custom messages for hoverable messages (You cam modify via config)
  • Three action types for clickable messages (OPEN_URL, RUN_COMMAND, SUGGEST_COMMAND)
  • Local, global and spectate chat! (Last one for staff members that want to see all local chat)
  • Option for disabling local chat (Only global chat will be activated)
  • Local chat range option
  • Auto UPPERCASE first letter (configurable)
  • Auto DOT (configurable)
  • /try, /do, /me commands (Fully customizable)
  • /roll command
  • You can edit head chat prefix
  • You can edit update delay for head chat (Deteriorate quality, increase productivity)
  • You can edit show time for head chat
  • You can disable head chat module
  • Subplaceholder support (Placeholder returns another placeholder that must be replaced)
  • Essentials & CMI & ServerSystem mute check support
  • You can modify chat formats for local, global and spectate chats
  • You can create custom build-in placeholders for hoverable and clickable messages. In fact you can make hoverable any message part! SO COOL! (Look at images luckperms chat example)
  • RGB chat & messages support for 1.16+ servers
  • &#RRGGBB rgb format support

  • rpchat.color - Allow users use chat color codes (&<color>)
  • rpchat.seelocal - Permission for staff members to see spectate chat (All local messages)
  • /dm <name/leave> [message] - Direct messages using Scoreboard command, rpchat.directmessage
  • /try <arg> [message] - Try command, rpchat.try
  • /do [message] - Do command, rpchat.do
  • /me [message] - Me command, rpchat.me
  • /roll - Roll command, rpchat.roll


Note: Prefixes in images is managed by Vault, PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms, TAB and ntdRpChat

Geyser support

Oraxen support

ItemsAdder support

Full RGB support

Long messages crop

Scoreboard direct messages preview

Spoiler: GIFS

API CLASS - com.github.danirod12.ntdrpchat.api.RpChatAPI
API FOR CUSTOM MUTE HOOK - com.github.danirod12.ntdrpchat.mute.MuteFactory
Methods for RpChatAPI:
  • sendHeadChat(Player sender, String message, Collection<Player> receivers)
  • sendHeadChat(Player sender, String message, Collection<Player> receivers, boolean insertColors)
  • sendHeadChat(Player sender, String message, Collection<Player> receivers, boolean insertColors, int cropChat, double offset)
  • boolean isLoadedNMS()
  • void registerGlyph(GlyphManager manager)
  • void unregisterGlyph(Class<? extends GlyphManager> clazz)
  • void registerCanSee(CanSeeManager manager)
  • void unregisterCanSee(Class<? extends CanSeeManager> clazz)
  • void disableFeature(ChatFeature feature)


  • By purchasing this product, you agree to the followings:
  • If you are under 18 make sure you have your parents permission to purchase the product.
  • You are not allowed to claim this resource as yours.
  • You are not allowed to chargeback.
  • Refunds are not available under any circumstances. Please ensure the plugin suits your needs before purchasing the plugin.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute or resell this plugin on any website
  • The plugin price may change at any given time, based on our discretion.
  • You cannot modify code. Ask for feature request here - https://discord.gg/vbYW3sperj
  • You cannot upload the plugin to third-party resources! Or give it to friends! One plugin purchase per server (or one bungee proxy)
  • No stupid reviews, such as (Plugin dont work, author didnt answer and other). Before making a bad review please contact me here - https://discord.gg/vbYW3sperj, maybe i can solve your problem or add new feature


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Latest updates

  1. New plugin channel - PROXY

    Added new chat channel - proxy channel Supports BungeeCord Supports Velocity ( v3.x.x )...
  2. Fixed 1.19.4 support

    Fixed 1.19.4 support

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