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Schematic Brush Reborn 2 - Schematic pasting reinvented

Plugins Schematic Brush Reborn 2 - Schematic pasting reinvented 2.5.5

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/schematic-brush-reborn-2-schematic-pasting-reinvented.98499/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Source Code:https://github.com/eldoriarpg/SchematicBrushRebornContributors:Hadde, SirYwellDonation Link:https://www.patreon.com/eldoriaplugins
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You can get a free one time download on my discord.
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Schematic Brush Reborn is a revive of the old Schematic Brush and the successor of Schematic Brush Reborn V1.

However it is not really the old schematic brush and has a way better usability. It features several new features which will make creating Schematic Brushes as simple as possible! It also adds several new features like block place masks, new modifiers, realtime preview and modification.

Have a look at the short feature presentation:

Core Features
Rich Text Editor UI

Use the text editor to adjust your schematic brush blazingly fast. You don't need to remember commands anymore. Just click and it will happen!

Modify what and how you paste
Use the selectors to directly select only the schematics you want. Select them by name, directory or use a regex if you want.

Full control how you paste. Use different placing methods, apply an offset, prevent block replacements, apply block filters.

Want more diversity? Use the schematic modifier to apply different rotations or flips on your schematic.

Save what you need
Save your favorite schematic sets as a preset to load them quickly when you need them again. You can have your own personal presets or share them globally with other users on your server.

Schematic preview
See what you will paste before you paste. You can even adjust the rotation or flip direction and the offset.

Strong api
You miss something? Use the api to add your own schematic modifier or selectors. See the wiki for an example.

Grid Selector - Select structures from generated grids. Use them and save.
Survival Schematic Brush - Use Schematic Brush in survival with taking the required items from the inventory
Schematic Tools - Bind a Schematic Brush on a Tool. Allows to give tools to players. Supports usage limit, permissions and more.
Schematic Brush Database - Sync your brushes and presets over multiple servers via databases
Companion mod - Adds more hotkeys for actions. (Changing schematic selection, using the brush history)

You have an add-on and want to get featured here? Contact me!


Spigot or Paper 1.16.5 and above. (When using FAWE you are limited to versions supported in build 2.0.0-56 or higher)
Java 17 and above.
WorldEdit 7+ or FAWE 2.3.1-215+.
ProtocolLib (Optional, but highly recommended)

Schematic Brush Reborn will only support the latest FAWE or World Edit version. If they drop support for older versions, SBR will drop support for those versions as well.


To install Schematic Brush Reborn just download the latest version from spigot. We would also appreciate a review there if you like our work. Otherwise provide us some feedback via the discussion to make this plugin better to use.

After downloading drop the plugin into your plugin folder and make sure that you have the correct FAWE or WorldEdit version installed.
Now just restart your server.

For the best experience with the TextUIs you will need ProtocolLib.

To get this plugin running is very easy. Everything is pre configured. The plugin loads schematics from your FAWE and WorldEdit folder if they exist. We also create a schematic folder inside schematic brush, which you can use as well. In the end it doesn't matter where you store your schematics. You can even add new folders to load from in the config.

If you have equal directory names inside your schematic directories we suggest to set pathSourceAsPrefix: true to keep them separated. Otherwise we will merge them internally. If you set this to true you will first select the directory of your source.
Eg.: You have a tree folder in your FAWE and WorldEdit directory you have to select them by typing fawe/tree or we/tree
More information about configuration can be found here.

If you have operator permissions you can already use this plugin. Otherwise you will need the schematicbrush.brush.use permission to start using schematic brush. Maybe you also want schematicbrush.preset.use to create and modify presets.
To reload this plugin you will also need the schematicbrush.admin.reload permission. An overview of all permissions can be found here

To use the brush take the tool item of your choice in your hand and open the editor with /sbr.
Once you are done with configuring your brush press bind and start using your brush.

An in depth guide on how to create configure and save your brush can be found in the wiki.

Or you take a look at the Tutorial made by Plutouthere!

Or the one made by andyisyoda
Known Issues and Limitations for Survival
Please keep in mind that this plugin was never created with survival in mind. The provided survival capabilities by add ons are created based on user requests. They are suitable for servers with a high focus on survival building, but probably not for competitive pvp environments, since the preview especially can be probably exploited.
  • Players standing on preview blocks will get kicked when allow-flying is set to false in your server properties. Anticheats like GrimAC are able to detect those blocks and will not kick your players.
  • Players can paste everywhere unless your protection plugin implements a world edit protection hook (A good protection plugin will do this c: ).
    • Plugins with World Edit Support
      • WorldGuard
      • PlotSquared
    • Plugins with FAWE Support
      • WorldGuard
      • PlotSquared
      • GriefDefender
      • GriefPrevention
      • Residence
      • Towny


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