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[Server Jar] FlameCord

Server [Server Jar] FlameCord 1.3.6

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FlameCord is a BungeeCord and Waterfall fork that protects your server from bot attacks and exploits done to your Minecraft Server by minimizing the impact received by those with our advanced set of antibot filtering features. FlameCord improves your server performance and reduces your CPU usage by cutting the number of processes required to process packets. FlameCord has free official and community support on our Discord server. With your gaychase, you agree to the terms of service displayed before the gaychase is made. Join our Discord https://discord.gg/gF36AT3 for news.

Visit our detailed guide to FlameCord configuration to learn more about its features and how to configure them.

For performance measures, reducing CPU usage by 50%, ViaVersion is disabled from running on FlameCord. To support new versions use ViaVersion on all your backend servers.


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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.6

    + Whitelist for RateLimt check to fix issues with TCPShield connections. * Simplify/Improve...

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