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Skills Pro

VIP Plugins Skills Pro 19.4.4

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skills-pro.8981/

Native Minecraft Version:1.20Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Source Code:https://github.com/CryptoMorin/SkillsProContributors:Crypto Morin, Hex_27Languages Supported:Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese
This plugin is no longer receiving feature updates,
but it will still be maintained for future versions
of Minecraft with bug fixes.

Icon and banner by sean_amor

Join the Skills discord for suggestions, bug reports and questions.
You can also get verified to get the latest dev-builds on the discord server.

Do you want to have a fun, grindy RPG plugin on your server, so players would stay without getting bored? With different skills and abilities with cool effects. Then stop searching!
This is definitely a must-have plugin for a RPG server.

  • Custom GUIs. You can change everything. From basic stuff such as names, lores, amount and material to complex properties like skull texture, firework options and attributes.
  • Custom leveling system with math equations and XP. Replace vanilla exp level bar progress. You can define everything for each level, even without using math equations. Also use titles for levelups.
  • Independent animated Action Bar.
  • Update checkers.
  • An async automatic backup system.
  • Cool particles, effects and sounds.
  • XP/Souls holograms.
  • BossBar for events and leveling system.
  • Combo activation system for abilities. R, L, F, Q, S and C<key>
  • Built-in party & friends system.
  • Smart command tab completion that considers every factor in the situation to give the best results and aliases.
  • 99% language/message customization!
  • Custom Stats! Each time you level up, get stat points to upgrade them.
  • Custom energy types with custom mechanics for each skill. Such as Mana.
  • Souls. Configurable soul drop! Can lose souls upon death.
  • 9 different skill types! Each with unique abilities and weaknesses.
  • Permissions for all the commands and bypasses.
  • Saves experience, levels and even skill types and skill improves, so you can change the stats of each player easily.
  • Interactive GUI for each skill type to improve their deadly skills.
  • Full control of XP gain from mob spawners.
  • Armor Weights.
  • Masteries are a replacement for Jobs, Professions and McMMO for other abilities that are available for all the skill types.
  • JavaScript conditions for full control.
  • Give bonus XP for mobs with custom names! (Good for RPG servers with custom mobs)
  • Party system for players to gain more XP and souls together.
  • Configurable mana/energy regeneration rates for each skill type.
  • Temporary XP and soul global/personal booster.
  • Stable mass storage database.
  • Per player health scaling.
  • Efficient code and easy to use API.
  • Fast support. Currently there is only one person developing the plugin. I'm not available 24/7, but I can assure you that I'll fix your bugs in no time.



Juggernaut's Chain Smash


Eidolon's Blackhole (quality reduced due to Spigot limit)


Levels & XP (quality reduced due to Spigot limit)


Supported Plugins

Commands (outdated)
Aliases: /skill, /skills, /skillpro, /skillspro
All the names used for the commands below are their main names. There are also other aliases for each sub-command.

  • /skill - Opens help.
  • /skill select - Select your skill type. You can change it later using /skill chance
  • /skill reload - Reloads the plugin.
  • /skill refresh - Charges your energy and resets ability cooldown.
  • /skill info - Shows information about your skill's status
  • /skill improve - Open a GUI to upgrade your skill's abilities.
  • /skill change - Change your skill.
  • /skill mastery - Upgrade abilities available for all the players.
  • /skill top - Shows the players with the highest levels.
  • /skill stats - Open stats GUI to manage your stat points.
  • /skill statistics - Shows a list of percentages about skills usage.
  • /skill updates - Checks for available updates.
  • /skill about - About the plugin.
  • /skill events - Manage XP/soul events.
  • /skill party - Manage your party.
  • /skill friend - Add someone as your friend.
  • /skill unfriend - Remove someone as your friend.
  • /skill friends - Show a list of your friends.
  • /skill bonus - Manage XP/soul bonuses.
  • /skill showActiveMessage - Toggle active message for active abilities.
  • /skill sound - Test a sound before using it in config.

  • All the command permissions are skills.command.[group if available].<main name> Group is the commands group name such as /skills user <souls/exp/etc..> And the main name is the command's main name. You can't use aliases.
  • skills.mastery.<mastery> - Permission to use a mastery.
  • skills.select.<skill> - Permission to use a skill.
  • skills.change.cooldownbypass - Bypass /skill change cooldown.
  • skills.use-creative - Use your abilities in creative mode.

The placeholders works even without PlaceholderAPI installed.
There is also a special prefix for placeholders to use short numbers.
Using %skills_short_<placeholder>% format.
For example to get your XP in a short number: %skills_short_xp%
This will display 2500 XP as 2.5K


Note: Description for some abilities are missing or outdated.










First release
Last update
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  1. Bug Fixes & Improvements

    Fixed some issues in outdated servers. Added more debugging information.
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    Fixed the "F" key spin bug. Fixed the console spam Removed a spammed message. Fixed a few...
  3. 1.20.4 Support

    Sorry for the delay! The new class will have to wait.

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