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StatTrackers ⭕ EULA-Friendly Cosmetic ✅ StatTrak in Minecraft ✨ Intuitive GUI

VIP Plugins StatTrackers ⭕ EULA-Friendly Cosmetic ✅ StatTrak in Minecraft ✨ Intuitive GUI 6.18.0

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Source Code:https://git.io/StatTrackersContributors:OfTeNLanguages Supported:All of them! (lang.yml)Donation Link:https://patreon.com/auxilor
StatTrackers requires eco to be installed



See this plugin running on my server!
play.ecomc.net (Latest Version)

Image Transcription:
Ever wanted to see how many kills you have
with your sword? What about how many blocks
you’ve broken with that old pickaxe you have?

StatTrackers finally lets you see statistics for
individual items - from distance flown to
experience absorbed, learn more about your items.

Great as an item in crates, or to buy individually
on your server store: keep your server profitable
without resorting to pay-to-win.

Why this plugin?

Built-in integrations for PlaceholderAPI, bStats, Oraxen, ShopGUI+,
NCP, AAC, Spartan, Vulcan, Matrix, CombatLogX, Towny, Lands,
FactionsUUID, Kingdoms, GriefPrevention, Worldguard, Head Database,
Multiverse, Essentials, ItemsAdder - the list goes on. Anything you have will work.

All our other plugins will work with it perfectly: you can use their items in
this plugin, and this plugins items in them - full custom item crafting support.
The full plugin ecosystem will lead to an experience your server has never seen:
take a look around play.ecomc.net to have a glimpse of what you can do with them.

All the items will instantly update using packets: leading to blazing fast performance,
no plugin conflicts, and no synchronization issues - it’s one step beyond the others.

And we haven’t forgotten the essentials. Full hex color / gradient support with every
format in use; MiniMessage support; support for reloading with PlugMan / PlugWoman;
automatic config updates so you never lose out on new options; and open-source.



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Latest updates

  1. 6.18.0 Changelog

    - Fixed a long list of bugs related to slots - Added several new effects/conditions and made...
  2. 6.17.1 Changelog

    - Fixed console spam
  3. 6.17.0 Changelog

    - Added in_slot condition, see here for more info...

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