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Plugins SuperCredits 2.2.7

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SuperCredits It is a plugin that allows users to create a special, original currency and 100% personalisable for your server.
This plugin has been tested in version 1.10
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  • Multiple commands.
  • Easy to use Shop GUI.
  • Customizable Shop GUI.
  • All customizable messages.
  • Reloads the configuration and messages with a single command..
  • MySQL storage.
  • SQLite storage.
  • Different types of commands (player, op, broadcast, give, money, points, tell and console).
  • 100% Customizable.
  • Múltiple Shop.
  • Firework!!
  • Sounds.
  • PlaceHolderAPI Support.
  • LeaderHeads Support.
  • Custom command.
  • Multiple languages (EN, ES).
  • Custom credits.
  • Mystery Box.
  • SuperStats Support.
  • MVdWPlaceholder Support.
  • HikariCP connection pool.
  • And more!




This plugin use the following variables
Spoiler: variables
For more Placeholders use PlaceholderAPI
PlaceholderAPI placeholders


Sample configuration with credits:

Sample configuration with yourcreditsname:


Example EN:

Example ES:


Create top players with the plugin LeaderHeads

Spoiler: LeaderHeads

The value of the credits can be displayed in any plugin that works with PlaceHolderAPI

  • %supercredits_credits%
Example with SuperLobbyDeluxe


The value of the credits can be displayed in any plugin that works with MVdWPlaceholderAPI

  • {supercredits_credits}

The values of the points, referrals and the code can be displayed on the website and menus with the database of SuperStats
  • <stats_supercredits_credits>
To show the best players use.
  • <top_supercredits_credits_name_1> - Show the name of the player with the position 1 in the best number of credits.
  • <top_supercredits_credits_value_1> - Shows the number of credits of the player with the position 1 in the best amount of credits.
For more information see: SuperStats plugin.

Commands for users:

Replace %cre% by you Custom command.

  • /%cre% help | ?
  • Permission Node: supercredits.player.use
  • Description: Show the basic commands for this plugin!
  • /%cre% balance | bal | me
  • Permission Node: supercredits.player.balance
  • Description: Checks yours balance.
  • /%cre% pay
  • Permission Node: supercredits.player.pay
  • Description: Give some of your credits to another player.
  • /%cre% shop <name>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.player.shop
  • Description: Opens the shop GUI menu.
  • /%cre% shops
  • Permission Node: supercredits.player.shops
  • Description: Displays a list of available shops.
Command for administrators:
  • /supercredits help | ?
  • Permission Node: supersredits.admin
  • Description: Show the admin commands for this plugin!
  • /supercredits add <playername> <value>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.add
  • Description: Add credits to the user.
  • /supercredits check <playername>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.check
  • Description: Checks player balance.
  • /supercredits set <playername> <value>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.set
  • Description: Set credits to the user.
  • /supercredits mysterybox [create|remove] <name>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.mysterybox
  • Description: Create mystery boxes for credits
  • /supercredits open <player> <name>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.open
  • Description: Open a store for the specified player
  • /supercredits remove <playername> <value>
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.remove
  • Description: Remove credits to the user.
  • /supercredits reload | rl
  • Permission Node: supercredits.admin.reload
  • Description: Reload the configuration and messages file.

*supercredits.player.use - To be able to use the plugin.
*supercredits.player.balance - To be able to use the balance command.
*supercredits.player.pay - To be able to use the pay command.
*supercredits.player.shop - To be able to use the shop command.
*supercredits.player.shops - To be able to use the shops command.
*supercredits.player.mysterybox - To be able to use the mystery box.
*supercredits.admin - To be able to use administrative commands.




Spoiler: Images




Copy the JAR file in the directory of plugins
Restart the server to install.
* (Optional) Install the Plugin ReferralSystem To Increase server users.
And enjoy the plugin!.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing:

By purchasing SuperCredits you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Spoiler: Terms and Conditions


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