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SUPREME-ICONS PACK | 100 Texture Icons

VIP MC Models SUPREME-ICONS PACK | 100 Texture Icons 1.0.6

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Configuration forSpigot 1.13+Type
  1. Plugin config
TagsTagsalonsotags config icon resourcepack tags

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This is a configuration pack, not a plugin, please read the README carefully.
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🚀100+ Icons: Yes, you heard it right, 100+ icons! And it does not even end there,
as many many more are planned in the future updates!

🎨HEX Colors Tags: Bring even more colors to your server! With unlimited colors,
tags are now even more beautiful! (requires Iridescent)

🖼️Dynamic GUI: A smooth and supreme experience is ensured with our nice-looking
and easy-to-use GUI! Your players can easily look up tag info or pick any tag they like
through GUI!

👑 Flexible Config: You can change every bit of the config to your likings.

💡Add your own icons: Having a icon idea that you want to put on the plugin? Then
put it in yourself! It's as easy as copying and modifying it to your heart's content.

🤖Version Support: Thanks to AlonsoAliaga's incredible work, this pack/plugin
supports from 1.13 all the way up to 1.18!

💎Supreme Support: Hyronic Studio believes that our customers' satisfaction is the
most important factor, and as such, we also offer superior support with fast, helpful
replies, new updates, and a bug-free product!


By buying my product, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed here. If you violate, I'll have the right to revoke your access to my product.

⦁ All payments are final. Disputes/chargebacks are strictly prohibited. If you attempt to do so, your access to this file will be revoked and you will not be able to buy any of my products in the future.

⦁ With the purchase of this product, you as a customer declare that the funds used are of legal origin.

⦁ You cannot share or resell this product under any circumstances.

⦁ You cannot put this product into any resources that are put on sale.

⦁ Your license is tied to your McMarket account. We do not take any responsibility if anything happens to said account. We can not and will not provide help if you somehow lose access to said account.

⦁ This product is exclusively copyrighted by The Hyronic Studio. You do not have the right to claim this as your own.


• After downloading the product, please read the instructions files carefully before asking for support. Thank you.

• I strongly recommend you to contact me through Discord, as I'll be most active there. Also, join my discord server for the best support and be notified of any updates I upload! To gain access to the channel, open a ticket and send me verification of your purchase, including a visible name so I can verify your purchase! If you have any questions or want to report any bugs, feel free to message me, I'll contact back as soon as possible!

• Please join our discord server for a direct link if you cannot download the resource directly.

• The review section is the last place to go if you see a bug!

⦁ Discord: Dustin#6467
⦁ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GjaQhxJXFA
  • “Caio Carlos of the Clockwork Raven – Additional Art Assets”, “Clockwork Raven – Additional Art Assets”
  • Some icon from Kyrise's Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack by Kyrise (itch.io)
  • Item Texture from "Minecraft Java - Mojang Studio"

This is the end, I hope you like this product. Have a good day. bud! <3


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