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Timed Rewards | MySQL | [1.14-1.19]

Plugins Timed Rewards | MySQL | [1.14-1.19] 3.3.34

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/timed-rewards-mysql-1-14-1-19.46501/

Native Minecraft Version:1.18Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19

Timed Rewards is a plugin which allows players to claim rewards over set periods of times. Here are some of the main features:
  • MySQL & Flat file support.
  • Multiple reward menus.
  • Vote rewards.
  • Open rewards menu using external NPC plugins (such as Citizens).
  • Run commands based on chance (luck rewards).
  • Activate sounds, fireworks, commands (console & player) on claim.
  • Entirely configurable (messages, fireworks, sounds, commands, and more).
  • Live updating menu.
  • Add permissions to rewards.
  • Claimed & unclaimed display items.
  • Almost everything can be configured in-game.


These are placeholders which are used by other APIs. Current supported placeholder APIs: PlaceholderAPI

trs_claimed_{menu}_{reward} - "true" if the reward has been claimed, otherwise "false".
trs_time_remaining_{menu}_{reward} - the time remaining, in seconds, until the reward can be claimed again.
trs_unclaimed_name_{menu}_{reward} - the unclaimed reward display name.
trs_claimed_name_{menu}_{reward} - the claimed reward display name.
trs_rewards_available_{menu} - the number of rewards available to claim for the specified menu.


Servers Using this Plugin
Here's a list of active servers using Timed Rewards. Message me with your server and I'll add it here. Thanks for the support

  • Squad Network (play.squad.rip)
  • 2BK (2bk.mc.gg)
  • Hyperial Network (play.hyperial.eu)
  • Legend Network (play.legendnetwork.net)
  • MysteryCraft Online (play.mysterycraft.online)
  • SlamPvP (play.slampvp.com)
  • Isygames (isygames.de)
  • SAPPHIRE (sapphiremc.apexmc.co)
  • The Builder's Community (tbc.mcnetwork.me)

Live Updating Menu


Open with NPCs & Blocks (Citizens)


Claimed & Unclaimed Items




Aliases: timedreward, tr, trs
- Required parameter.
[] - Optional parameter.
unc/c - Unclaimed/Claimed reward type.

/timedrewards version
/timedrewards help [page]
- timedrewards.help
/timedrewards reload - timedrewards.admin.reload
/timedrewards addreward <name> - timedrewards.admin.addreward
/timedrewards remreward <name> - timedrewards.admin.removereward
/timedrewards setname <reward> <unc/c> <name> - timedrewards.admin.setname
/timedrewards setamount <reward> <unc/c> <name> - timedrewards.admin.setamount
/timedrewards setslot <reward> <slot> - timedrewards.admin.setslot
/timedrewards setlore <reward> <unc/c> <line> <lore> - timedrewards.admin.setlore
/timedrewards addloreline <reward> <unc/c> <lore> - timedrewards.admin.addloreline
/timedrewards remloreline <reward> <unc/c> <line> - timedrewards.admin.removeloreline
/timedrewards settype <reward> <unc/c> <type/hand> - timedrewards.admin.setitemtype
/timedrewards setdur <reward> <unc/c> <durability> - timedrewards.admin.setdurability
/timedrewards setperm <reward> <perm> - timedrewards.admin.setpermission
/timedrewards setcooldown <reward> <seconds> - timedrewards.admin.setcooldown
/timedrewards cmdids <id> - timedrewards.admin.commandids
/timedrewards addcmd <command> - timedrewards.admin.addcommand
/timedrewards remcmd <command> - timedrewards.admin.removecommand
/timedrewards setmenusize <size> - timedrewards.admin.setmenusize
/timedrewards setmenutitle <title> - timedrewards.admin.setmenutitle
/timedrewards testfirework <firework> - timedrewards.admin.testfirework
/timedrewards addfirework <firework> - timedrewards.admin.addfirework
/timedrewards testsound <sound> - timedrewards.admin.testsound
/timedrewards addsound <sound> - timedrewards.admin.addsound
/timedrewards remsound <sound> - timedrewards.admin.removesound
/timedrewards resetclaimtime <player> <reward> - timedrewards.admin.resetclaimtime
/timedrewards blankmsg <player> <msg> - timedrewards.admin.blankmessage
/timedrewards select <menu> - timedrewards.admin.select
/timedrewards addmenu <menu> - timedrewards.admin.addmenu
/timedrewards removemenu <menu> - timedrewards.admin.removemenu
/timedrewards setrewardtype <reward> <type> - timedrewards.admin.setrewardtype
/timedrewards check <config|locale> - timedrewards.admin.check
/timedrewards setblock [none] - timedrewards.admin.setblock
/timedrewards setglow <reward> <unc/c> <true/false> - timedrewards.admin.setglow
/timedrewards listmenus - timedrewards.admin.listmenus
/timedrewards setpermissiondenymessage - timedrewards.admin.setpermissiondenymessage
/timedrewards claimreward <menu> <reward> <player> - timedrewards.admin.claimreward


Here you can find all of the files generated by the plugin along with their default contents.

Spoiler: config.yml

Spoiler: fireworks.yml

Spoiler: menus/default.yml


First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 3.3.34

    Added 1.20, 1.20.1 support

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