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⚔ Ultimate Clans V4 ⚔ | 1.8-1.18

Plugins ⚔ Ultimate Clans V4 ⚔ | 1.8-1.18 4.10.3

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%9A%94-ultimate-clans-v4-%E2%9A%94-1-8-1-18-moved.85615/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
Languages Supported:EN_US, ES_ES, RU_RU (configurable, others coming soon.)


Ultimate Clans V4 is now deprecated, V5 (Lite and Premium) will now get new updates.

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Spoiler: PARA BRASILEIROS (clique aqui)

Optional Addons V4:

(Free) DeathChest - https://polymart.org/resource/2524
(Free) Holograms - https://polymart.org/resource/2522
(Free) Scoreboard - https://polymart.org/resource/2520
(Free) Quests - https://polymart.org/resource/2521
(Free) Multiserver - UNDER MAINTENANCE
(Free) Discord Integration - https://polymart.org/resource/2523
(Free) PVP Manager - https://polymart.org/resource/2518
(Free) Banner Manager - https://polymart.org/resource/2517
(Paid) Chest - https://polymart.org/resource/2527
(Paid) War - https://polymart.org/resource/2519
(Paid) Bank - https://polymart.org/resource/2516
(Paid) Nexus - https://polymart.org/resource/2515
(Paid) Land - https://polymart.org/resource/2513

Compatible plugins:
PlaceholderAPI - Optional for pulling placeholders.
Vault - Optional for economy.
PlayerPoints - Optional for economy.
WorldGuard - For Regions.
LeaderHeads - For leaderboards.
King of the Hill - By benzimmer123
ComplexTurrets - By Ajneb97
SuperVanish and PremiumVanish - By MyzelYam
CombatLogX - By SirBlobman
DeluxeCombat - By timderspieler
PvPManager and PvPmanager Lite - By NoChanceSD
Duels - By Realized
TitansBattle - By RoinujNosde
GriefDefender - By bloodmc
ProtocolLib - By dmulloy2
  • Modular system of addons that allow you to better manage how you want the plugin to work.
  • Editing system by Sign on the player screen.
  • Data export system for other types of storage.
  • Native support for Bedrock via Geyser+Floodgate.
  • Two types of economy available (Vault and PlayerPoints)
  • New bungecord synchronization method, with teleport and chat between servers.
  • A system of independent languages in a single file.
  • Configurable BossBar for clan actions.
  • Multiple home system shared or not with allies.
  • Editable Clan Banner (Future Clan Nexus).
  • New clan chest with multiple pages, buy new ones and lock for admins.
  • An intelligent command autocompletion system.
  • Administrators can spy on the chat between clan members and allies.
  • Simple Scoreboard.
  • Large yet lightweight and low memory and CPU consumption.
  • Create clan, edit and delete.
  • Change leader, promote and demote
  • members and moderators, invite and expel members.
  • Change Tag, Name, Description.
  • System of rivalries and allies with limits.
  • Turn the friendly fire on or off individually or for everyone.
  • Clan exclusive chat, shared with allies or not.
  • KDR scoring status by Points, Kills, War, Members and others.
  • More than 80 placeholders with PAPI including relation placeholders.
  • Titles, Actionar, 6 types of holograms, Hexa colors in messages and menus.
  • Editable files, languages, menus and json.
  • System of confirmations and changes in chat with json.
  • Clan wars with rewards, times, editable kits and configurable multi arenas.
  • Marking system for regions and blocking by worlds.
  • Regroup the clan, ban members,
  • and invite new members by adding commands to actions.
  • Pricing for commands, cooldown, limits and turning commands on or off.
  • Support for languages like Russian, Chinese, Japanese and others using 'UnicodeBlock'.
  • Synchronization system for using clans in Bungeecord.
  • Data saved in Mysql, Sqlite or Yaml easily edited.
  • Nbt Tags for adding textures to menus.
  • Exclusive Land Addons, Clan Bank, Chest, Custom Quests, Gladiator Events, Purchase Perks with Exclusive Coins.
  • Levels system for scoring.
  • 30 commands for players.
  • 36 commands for administration.
  • Auto update of files on new updates (The plugin automatically adds new modifications)
  • Action scoring system for Clan levels.
How to use color coding?


Spoiler: Colors example:


Player Commands: Aliases: [clans, c, gang, guild]
Spoiler: List of player commands:

Admin Commands: Aliases: [uclans, uc, ugang, ug]
Spoiler: List of admin commands:


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