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Original resource URL: https://polymart.org/resource/ultimate-clans-v6.1162

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Latest News:
  • Synchronization system between servers (Multiserver) using Redis and Mysql.
  • Internal Logger System + Webhook Discord of clan activities.
  • System of Member Roles configurable according to the server.
  • Clan MAILBOX.

Optional Bridges:
PlayerSync (Proxy mode) - https://polymart.org/resource/5515
TitansBattle - https://polymart.org/resource/2526

Optional Addons (V7):

(Free) DeathChest - https://polymart.org/resource/2524
(Free) Holograms - https://polymart.org/resource/2522
(Free) Discord Integration - https://polymart.org/resource/2523
(Free) TitansBattle (Bridge) - https://polymart.org/resource/2526
(Free) Corpse Addon - https://polymart.org/resource/2837
(Paid) Quests - https://polymart.org/resource/2521
(Paid) Chest - https://polymart.org/resource/2527
(Paid) War - https://polymart.org/resource/2519
(Paid) Bank - https://polymart.org/resource/2516
(Paid) Land - https://polymart.org/resource/2513
(Paid) Gladiator - https://polymart.org/resource/2812
(Paid) LeaderBoard - https://polymart.org/resource/3378
(Paid) FarmCoin - https://polymart.org/resource/4441

(Paid) Nexus - https://polymart.org/resource/2515 - V6 only!
Player Commands (63):
/clan help - Show help menu
/clan create <tag> - Create a new Clan
/clan cancel - Cancel pending actions
/clan changeleader <player> - Transfer the leadership
/clan desc <description> - Add description to Clan
/clan disband - Delete you Clan
/clan leave - Leave a Clan
/clan join <tag> - Accept a clan invitation
/clan deny <tag> - Deny clan invite
/clan promote <player> - Promote a member
/clan demote <player> - Demote a member

/clan home - Clan homes
- /clan home create <name> - Create a home
- /clan home delete <name> - Delete a home
- /clan home list (-gui) - List all homes
- /clan home teleport <name> - Teleport to home
- /clan home view <name> - View a home

/clan chat - Toggle clan chat
/clan ff - Toggle clan friendly fire
/clan modtag <newtag> - Change clan tag
/clan list (type)/(-gui) - List all clans
/clan info (tag) - View clan info

/clan profile - View member commands
- /clan profile view (player) (-gui) - View player profile
- /clan profile set <key> <value> - Set profile settings
- /clan profile updateskin - Update skin
- /clan profile invites (-gui) - View invitations

/clan rival - Clan rivalries
- /clan rival add <tag> - Add clan rival
- /clan rival remove <tag> - Remove a rival
- /clan rival list (tag) (-gui) - List clan rivalries
- /clan rival deny <tag> - Deny a rival
- /clan rival accept <tag> - Accept a rival

/clan ally - Clan alliances
- /clan ally add <tag> - Add new ally
- /clan ally remove <tag> - Remove an alliance
- /clan ally accept <tag> - Accept a clan alliance
- /clan ally deny <tag> - Deny clan alliance
- /clan ally list (tag) (-gui) - List clan alliances

/clan member - Clan member
- /clan member invite <player> - Invite a player
- /clan member kick <player> - Kick a member
- /clan member list (tag) (-gui) - List clan member
- /clan member search (text) - Search a member

/clan settings - Change clan settings
- /clan settings banned (-gui) - List banned players
- /clan settings view (-gui) - View clan settings.
- /clan settings set <key> <value> - Change clan settings

/clan role - Change clan role
- /clan role sync (-gui) - Sync role permissions
- /clan role view (-gui) - View clan role
- /clan role set <key> <value> - Change clan role

/clan regroup - Regroup the clan
- /clan regroup send - Send a clan regroup
- /clan regroup accept - Accept a regroup invite
- /clan regroup deny - Deny a regroup invite

/clan ban <player> - Ban a player
/clan unban <player> - Unban a player
/clan nickname <nickname> - Change clan nickname

/clan banner - Change clan banner
- /clan banner upload (-gui) - Upload a clan banner
- /clan banner delete - Delete the clan banner
- /clan banner view (-gui) - View banner information

/clan mail
-/clan mail send <to> <text>
-/clan mail read (time) (page) (gui)
-/clan mail clear
Admin Commands (16):
/uclan help - Show help menu
/uclan chatspy - Spy the clan chat
/uclan addslot <player|tag> - Add slots to the Clan
/uclan setslot <player|tag> - Set slots to the Clan
/uclan removeslot <player|tag> - Remove slots to the Clan
/uclan addpoints <player|tag> <amount> (reason) - Add points to the Clan
/uclan setpoints <player|tag> <amount> (reason)- Set points to the Clan
/uclan removepoints <player|tag> <amount> (reason) - Remove points to the Clan
/uclan changetag <player|tag> <newtag> - Changing a clan tag
/uclan resetplayerkdr <player> - Reset Player KDR
/uclan resetclankdr <player|tag> - Reset Clan KDR
/uclan globalff - Toggle clan friendly fire
/uclan delete <player|tag> - Delete a clan
/uclan forcejoin <player> <player|tag> - Add a player to a clan
/uclan verify <player|tag> - Verify a clan
/uclan reload - Reload the settings
/uclans extension - View and edir extensions
Default languages:
English (EN), Polish (PL), Turkish (TR), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Hungarian (HU), German (GE), Português (BR). others soon..

Optional dependencies:
⊲ Ultimate Koth ⊳ - By UlrichBR
⋉ Ultimate Outpost ⋊ - By UlrichBR

PlaceholderAPI, Vault, PlayerPoints, WorldGuard, LeaderHeads, ComplexTurrets, SuperVanish and PremiumVanish, CombatLogX, DeluxeCombat, PvPManager and PvPmanager Lite, Duels, TitansBattle, GriefDefender, ProtocolLib, TokenEnchant, ItemsAdder, FancyHolograms, EssentialsX, CMI.
Default Configuration:



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Permissions & Commands

Supported MC Versions
Folia, Spigot, Paper and Forks - 1.8.8 to 1.20.4
EN, PL, TR, RU, ES , HU, GE, BR (configurable, others coming soon.)
Basic Commands
Open the help player menu.
Aliases: /clans, /c, /gang, /team, /guild, /guilda
(This description was parsed from the plugin.yml. You can read the resource description for more info)
`})" style="box-sizing: border-box; word-break: break-word; color: rgb(47, 123, 248); text-decoration: none; transition: all 0.17s ease 0s; cursor: pointer;">/clan, Open the help staff menu.
Aliases: /uclans, /uc, /ugang, /ug, /uteam
(This description was parsed from the plugin.yml. You can read the resource description for more info)
`})" style="box-sizing: border-box; word-break: break-word; color: rgb(47, 123, 248); text-decoration: none; transition: all 0.17s ease 0s; cursor: pointer;">/uclan
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