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Plugins XLRewards 2.3.2

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/xlrewards.65974/

Native Minecraft Version:1.15Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.15


Here is a list of all the features that XLRewards will give you. It's fully configurable as well.
  • MySQL Support
  • Customizable rewards GUI
  • Customizable cooldown
  • Customizable messages
  • Customizable rewards
  • Custom Item creation command
  • Consecutive reward tiers and timeout!
  • Customizable playtime rewards
  • *NEW* Supports CustomModelData for Custom Items
  • Rewards with specific permissions
  • UUID Support
  • Works with Skyblock, Factions, Prison, Survival, Minigames, Hub, and all the other game modes!
  • Easy-to-understand plugin
  • *NEW* Automatic Claiming of available rewards!
  • Easy-to-learn plugin
  • Built-in playtime system (no extra plugins required)
  • Built-in placeholders (no extra plugins required)


Here you can check all the permissions and commands that you might need.

/rewards - xlrewards.use by default
/rewards reload - xlrewards.reload

Perm for following commands: xlrewards.admin
/rewards create [rewardId]
- creates a new reward and selects it.
/rewards select [rewardId] - Selects a reward and allows you to edit it.
/rewards help - brings up a list of all commands.
/rewards name [name] - Set the rewards name
/rewards displayname [displayname] - Set the rewards displayname.
/rewards type [REWARD_TYPE] - Set the reward type
/rewards public [true/false] - Set the public boolean value
/rewards cooldown [cooldown] - Set the cooldown of selected Reward. (ex: 13h)
/rewards sound claimed/unavailable [SOUND_EFFECT] - Set the desired sound effect.
/rewards permission [permission] - Set the permission required to claim.
/rewards playtime [playtime] - Set the playtime required to claim.
/rewards avi [customItemId] - Set the display item when reward is available.
/rewards uvi [customItemId] - Set the display item when reward is unavailable.
/rewards slot [slot] - Set the slot of the reward in the rewards gui
/rewards message claimed/reminder [message] - set the desired message.
/rewards rewards add/remove [reward args..] - Add/Remove a reward from the rewards list.
/rewards ctimeout [time] - Set the consecutive claim timeout time. (ex: 13h)
/rewards infinitecd [true/false] - Set wether the cooldown is infinite or not.
/rewards reset <player> <rewardId> - Reset the claimed time for a player.

Custom Item Commands: (xlrewards.admin for all commands)
/ci - Open the CustomItem Menu, to view and get all created Items.
/ci(console) - Sends a usage Message with all Available SubCommands

/ci [itemId] - Get the CustomItem

/ci create [id] - Create a new CustomItem, also selects it.
/ci select [id] - Select a CustomItem to edit
/ci name [name] - Set the name of the selected item.
/ci displayname [displayname] - Set the displayname of the selected item.
/ci material [MATERIAL] - Set the Material of selected item.
/ci lore [lore..] - Set the lore content of selected item.
/ci glow [true/false] - Set wether the item should have enchant glow effect.
/ci reward [rewardId] - Set the items associated Reward.
/customitem custommodeldata [CustomModelData] - Set the CustomModelData value of selected item.


Here are some previews about the plugin when it's live. You can also see the plugin in action on zeuscommunity.mc.gg

Spoiler: IMAGES


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